Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Hair and I

I love to change my hair! I've had it all sorts of different styles, though it mostly remains on the short side as I lack the patience to let it grow. My best friend, Heather, is an amazing hairdresser and I've missed having her around giving me styling tips, messing around with hair color, and creating funky looks.

Here are a few pics from my Photobooth of my hair revolution over the past few years!

Photo 3

Photo 54

Photo 61

Photo 66

Photo 110

Photo 114


Heather said...

Ok, I only did ONE of those... And you didn't mention all the times I've done something COOL to your hair that you've hated.... Eh well, hurry and come home so I can do it some more!!!!

Rhonda said...

I like all of your different hairstyles... I guess it's because I don't care so much about the hair, I care about YOU! *smile*