Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Students

I love how diverse our students are this year! We have Americans, Africans, Swiss, and Canadians. It's only the second week, but already I can see bonds forming and friendships developing.

Community living is always tough, but when you add multiple cultures into the equation the problems can quadruple. This is a hard transition for everyone and also one of the most valuable part of a DTS. You learn intercultural communication, self-sacrifice, conflict resolution, and a new appreciation for people.

So far the students are doing great and I'm praying God will continue to challenge and cause them to grow in new, amazing ways!

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Dre said...

Hey! I enjoy keeping up with your blog! :o) Glad to hear your DTS is starting off great!!! :o)

This girl in the last pic (blonde) looks SO much like Andrea Childs! Did you ever meet her from the Swazi DTS their first year??? I know she met Jenn and Jeremy, but yeah.... crazy! :o)

Anyway, just a little hello. :o)