Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jewels the Dog

This last December, I received an interesting email from my roommate Hayley in South Africa. It said something like "Call me ASAP! Its important!" I freaked out a little bit thinking [as I think anyone would] that it was some kind of emergency maybe the house had burned down or she'd wrecked my car.

But no, she had come across a family looking to give away their three year old cocker spaniel, Jewels, and wanted to know if we could keep her.

Jewels annoyed

Now, I love dogs and I've always wanted one of my own, but I wasn't sure I could handle the responsibility of an animal at this point and with everything else going on in my life. Hayley and I came to the conclusion that we'd have a trial run and see how it goes. If things don't turn out, there are several other people that may take her.

Jewels suspicious

Jewels is very much an outside dog and while I love that she can be independent and we don't have to worry about her during the day every night she comes inside covered in burs, stickers, leaves, mud, etc. and did I mention it's tick season?? But other than that, she's a great dog. She sticks to our heels during the day, sleeping underneath our chairs, and occupies herself when we're away. She's also amazing with kids! [hint, hint Lindsey]

Jewels relaxing


Rhonda said...

What a cutie!

Dre said...

That really is a cute dog! :o)

Lindsey Kaufman said...

I'm really not as opposed to taking Jewels as Michael thinks I am. My main concern is actually the ticks...yuck!! She is a very sweet dog.