Thursday, January 28, 2010

Couches Inc.

Preparing the DTS classroom was so much fun! We basically were able to decorate it from scratch. Chairs, tables, or couches? Or a combination? Artwork, rugs, etc. We really wanted to make it a fun, comfortable space. A place where the students would want to hang out even when there wasn't class.

So we went with couches! Cheap and relatively comfy [not too mention slightly ugly], but not so comfortable people would fall asleep.

Oh and we painted one big wall green and Anneke painted some amazing art including a picture with the school scripture.

It was a blast and I love seeing the students relax in a space made specially for them!


Hayley Nicholls said...

good thing its comfy considering i have to spend everyday day in there for the next 3 months...haha j.k I LOVE IT!! who picked out that green wall color...beautiful :)

Keri said...

I agree Hayley good job

Anonymous said...

more picture. more pictures please. wider view. soon. before I am cut off from the world.-jeremy