Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joy Beyond Circumstance

Where is my joy?
That question, or various forms of that question have been floating around my head these last few weeks. I’ve noticed that when things start to get difficult or stressful, when I feel hurt or homesick my first thoughts are often centered around just giving up and going home where everything is just a little easier. I become depressed and frustrated quickly and it’s not something I’m especially proud of.
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Feelings are neutral, neither right nor wrong, it’s how you process and react to those feelings that matter. I haven’t been reacting well lately and I ask myself ‘where do I find my joy?’ If I’m only feeling happy and content when things are going well, I’m not going to last in Africa for much longer. If I let myself be ruled by my feelings, I can easily miss what God is doing, the bigger picture. If my joy is dependent on my circumstances, I can expect a miserable life.
So I’m on a mission to find my joy. I know it’s not lost, that God is my joy, and I think He’s just waiting for me to fully rest in Him, but the process of coming into a full realization of that is a journey I am learning to take one step at a time.

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