Monday, August 23, 2010

The End of an Era

This weekend I was hit with the reality that my friend and roommate, Hayley, will be leaving for home soon. Since I'm leaving soon too, it's been really nice to have her in the same transition period as me, but for some reason it only started hitting me these last few days that we're leaving each other as well!

Hay has become a part of my family and we've managed to click on a deep level. She's been an amazing roommate. She always handles the dishes and makes the coffee in the morning. We can talk long into the night after the lights are turned off and laugh with each other all day long.

Fortunately, she's from Oregon so I know we'll see each other again. In the meantime, I'm struggling to deal with the change. I'm excited to move home, but losing Hayley as a daily part of my life will be difficult.

Thank you, Hayley, for the memories, for the laughter and the conversation, for loving me for who I am and for always being there for me. I'm going to miss you.

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Hayley Nicholls said...

your welcome.
I love you sooo much. I keep thinking that since were both from the NW when I go home, you will be there shortly after...I will miss you so much...who will be the other half of my brain?