Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zambia Part Two

We left the team in the Northern Province of Zambia and 28hrs and two buses later, Keri and I arrived exhausted and smelly in Livingstone, home of the famous Victoria Falls. It was quite an adventurous trip filled with new experiences and irritations, but after stuffing our faces with pizza and collapsing in our beds for a solid 10hrs of sleep we agreed that the journey had been worth it.

Livingstone is quite different from the rest of Zambia. With the constant flow of visitors, it's become quite Western and touristy, but since we were on vacation we enjoyed this very much.

The backpackers we stayed at was really relaxing with lots of places to sit and rest. It was great taking a walk around town for shopping and finding great places to eat!

Stay tuned for pictures from Victoria Falls!

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