Thursday, June 24, 2010

Being Vulnerable

I was reading my friend Jen's blog and her post today inspired me. I realized that it had been a long time since I had been open and honest on my blog which is odd because usually if I'm vulnerable anywhere it's through my writing. So here goes.

Emotionally, I've been in a funk for the past few weeks. With the DTS ending and life changing once again, I've struggled to find my rhythm in my daily routine, my relationship with God, and my level of homesickness. I've felt out of place and it's been uncomfortable. I'm someone who likes to know exactly where I'm at and to have a plan and a purpose and this feeling of drifting is difficult.

Lately, I wake up and feel sad for no reason at all and I don't think I realized it until I just typed those words. I'm sad and I don't know why.

I know I sound depressed, but don't leave thinking life is horrible for me right now. It's really not! I know God has something for me in this stage and I need to press into Him and find out what it is.

Vulnerable enough for you?


Keri said...
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Lindsey said...

I appreciate your openness. Feel free to come down and chat if you ever need to!

Meet said...

Thank you God for Brittany, even I don't know her very well, that her openness is also inspring for me!

Debbie said...

Brittany....I realize i don't even know you but was compelled to write when I read your post.
My sister is married to a South Africian and doing missionary work there. Prior to her marriage she was working in the Gambia.
She has had a hard time with the changes of being married and moving to a different area. She has struggled terribly getting used to all the "new" life....but is a firm believe in Christ and knows that God has a plan for her and she needs to "be still and listen". How your doing ok now! Perhaps I can hook you up in connection and you two can chat.
god bless....Debbie Dieter , Spokane