Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Donald Miller

I love Donald Miller. There I've said it. The truth is out. Everyone makes fun of me, because I practically stalk him on facebook and twitter. I admit I have stalker-like tendencies when it comes to Don Miller [okay maybe Zach Braff as well], but if you love his books like I do you'd understand.


I have a deep passion for the subject of Identity and how worldview, experiences, and other people can influence and shape who we are. What defines our character? What does the Gospel of Jesus say about who we are and who we were created to be? Do our actions define us?


Donald Miller addresses these questions and many more in his book 'Searching for God Knows What', one of my absolute favorite books. Every time I read it, I pick out new things that I somehow missed before. I would encourage all of you to read it if you get a chance.

Miller's new book, 'A Million Miles in a Thousand Years', just hit the shelves not too long ago. I can't wait to go home for the Holidays and pick up a copy! I've heard great things.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I wanted to invite you to a webinar hosted by Donald Miller next Thursday morning on the subject of his new “Convergence” DVDs for small groups (mostly). Convergence is Miller at his best: doing honest talk about faith. On the first dvd set he talks to Dan Allender, Phyllis Tickle, Lauren Winner. He just recorded the next set with Randy Alcorn, Henry Cloud, John Townsend. You can listen in Thursday, Dec. 17 at (11 am PT, 12 pm MT, 1 pm CT, 2 pm ET). Go to to RSVP for the webinar & we'll be sure to send you a reminder.
You can learn more about Convergence at If you have any further questions please feel free to email Monique@Lovell-

Monique Sondag