Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Family and Me

My dearest friends and family,

I start writing feeling a little guilty about my total lack of communication over the past weeks since I’ve been back in the United States. Time moves so fast and no amount of pleading, bribery, or refusing to go to sleep changes that. I still feel like I arrived yesterday and I’m slightly shocked I go back to Africa tomorrow. Time moves with no regard to my feelings.

[My sister Danielle and brother Spencer]
From My Learning Curve

[My Mom and brother Derek]
From My Learning Curve

[Mom and Dad]
From My Learning Curve

My thoughts and emotions swing from excited to nervous to sad about leaving Spokane. It’s not so much leaving the States, I love South Africa, but being away from my family, my unit is difficult. I keep waiting for the moment I don’t feel so attached to them when leaving becomes easier, but that moment has yet to arrive. Until then, I pretend I’m tough and hug them goodbye, but as soon as I step beyond the security gates at the airport I sit and cry for a good fifteen minutes. It’s a routine I’ve got down pat.

From My Learning Curve

I’m excited for what God has planned for Africa and blessed that I get to be a part of it, but this is my sacrifice. Please keep me in your prayers as I transition back. It’s going to be a busy time with visitors and a DTS [Discipleship Training School] starting. I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and getting back in the swing of things, not to mention getting out of the snow!
Happy New Year to you all and I’ll write again soon!
Much love and blessings,

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Jen Price said...

I know it's hard to leave but I'm so looking forward to seeing you and working this DTS together!