Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Worlds Collide

This past week, my good friend Keri came to visit me in Spokane! Keri was one of the first friends I made in South Africa. A Peace Corps volunteer at the time, I was secretly intimidated by her, but it didn't take us too long to become friends.

I loved having her in Spokane with me, but I have to admit that it was extremely strange at the same time! I felt my worlds collide in a beautiful, weird way. I had never seen Keri outside of Africa and here she was in my family's house!

I took her to get her hair done by my awesome friend Heather, which was also a little mind-bending, but so much fun!


Missing you already, Keri Dodge!


Keri said...

Was a great time Brit! Please tell Heather I love the hair cut and took her styling advice! Love u

Lindsey said...

I just want to know why there's no pic of Keri's haircut?? Glad ya'll got to hang out!