Monday, October 12, 2009

Too old to Color?

I'm not much of a visual artist. I know a few people who are amazing at getting the images from their head down on canvas in fantastic, individual ways. Sometimes I wish I was better at drawing and painting, but I'm learning my own creative outlets and even though I'm no Monet it's fun to occasionally get out crayons, paint, or markers and pretend like I know what I'm doing.


As children, most of us loved to draw and paint with anything we could get our hands on, whether that was watercolors or our mom's lipstick. What happened? When did we get to the stage where we put away our crayons and coloring books and regulated it to childhood? When did we start believing the lie that grown-ups can't color, play hide-and-seek, or climb a tree?


I'm on a mission to recapture elements of my childhood and not just when I'm babysitting my friend's kids. I want to buy a coloring book for myself, wear funky, mismatched clothes just for the hell of it, and laugh until my sides ache and I can't breathe. I want to say things without worrying what other people think and wear a bathing suit without stressing about my weight. I want to order mac and cheese at a restaurant and occasionally throw a temper tantrum when I'm tired. I want to cry when it hurts and pray like I really believe Jesus is listening.

When did we all become so serious?

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Jen said...

Ok, but if you throw a tantrum, I'm going to be disciplining!