Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An African Summer

As winter thaws into summer, the rain falls and the dead grass and sleeping trees awaken once again. Warm breezes and sunny skies welcome the bugs, frogs, and snakes from their slumber with open arms. Fans unused for months are dusted off and plugged in once more to fight the futile battle against the oppressive heat.


There is no escape into an air-conditioned house and cooling down becomes a hopeful fantasy. Maybe next winter. Come nightfall, your choices are limited. Open your windows and you may catch a slight breeze, but insects of all shapes and sizes are quick to seize upon your open invitation. Mosquito bites become routine and you stop using repellent after the first few weeks. You learn to ignore the frogs that crawl in through the crack on your door and hide in your shoes. The fight to keep your floor clean during rainy season is hopeless and you learn to ignore that too.

britt 001

This is my second summer living in South Africa.

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