Friday, March 27, 2009

Venturing into the Unknown

I’ve never considered myself the adventurous sort. Not at all in fact. I’m the type who likes to have a plan and while I have moments of spontaneity it tends to only happen in the context of a very controlled environment. This may surprise you as I am living off fundraising and in Africa, a place where all my best-laid plans tend to go out the door. But it’s true. I’m hesitant and very unsure of myself in new situations. So you can see how the next few months may be difficult for me!

The week after next, we leave for outreach. These last three months have flown by and I am surprised and shocked that we are here at the end of March already. I’ve lived here in South Africa for a year now and I can’t get over it! No way did I imagine myself staying in Africa let alone leading teams to other African countries. God’s plans for my life are so different from my own! Not only am I traveling to strange, new places but I'm actually in charge of people while doing it. Scary stuff, my friends.

Please be praying for my team and me as we head to Mozambique for two weeks where we will work with street children, then fly on to Uganda for five weeks. Not quite sure how ministry will look in Uganda but I am excited/nervous. Communication is always difficult on these trips, but I will try to send periodic updates when possible.

Hope these next few months are filled with unexpected blessings for you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,

PS Here are some random photos!

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Blythe River Canyon
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My friend Keri and I at the top of the canyon
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From Blogger Pictures

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Lindsey Kaufman said...

I LOVE that picture of Keri facing the canyon-very cool!