Monday, June 16, 2008

Growth Requires Thought

It’s a sad moment when you stop one day and realize that you’ve been forgetting to think. And when I say ‘think’, I mean deeper than the obvious and more than making the motions of day-to-day living. When I’ve realized that all I’ve done this past week is wake up, eat, play on my computer in various capacities, have meaningless small talk with wise people, and fall asleep, I feel like my active brain went on a vacation and all I have in its place is a vague, empty headache. Anyway, it’s motivated me to keep forcing myself to grow and think beyond my box and circumstances.

Despite this unfortunate lack of deep thought behind my actions, I’ve been involved in some really cool things these past weeks. Every other Saturday, we drive out to a local community called Mbonisweni and play games, do artwork, and provide food for about fifty children. These are good times and I enjoy the innocence and simplicity of the children. It’s been slow-going working with the people of Mbonisweni. The distrust is tangible, but we’re hoping and praying that if we prove ourselves faithful we will start to build long lasting, enduring relationships.

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